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When a piece of cake simply won't do...order yourself  some Tiramisu! Delicate Italian cookies soaked in various combinations of coffees, teas, liqueurs, and extracts meld with infused sweet mascarpone cream. We offer the classic Tiramisu as well as our "Twisted" versions. Never soupy, never drowning in chocolate sauce...This is what Tiramisu is meant to be like!


About Me

How Twisted Tiramisu came to be...

I had just turned 40 and realized that I needed a hobby...but I had already started and not finished TONS of hobbies! What to do. I love to make food for my work family. People graduating from the U? Tiramisu. Birthdays? Tiramisu. We were all collectively having the worst year because of Covid? TIRA-MI-FUCKING-SU! Some people always have pantry staples to whip up a lasagna or something, I have ingredients for this. I love making it and especially if it's for other people. I hope you enjoy eating it!


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